There are different guides. Majority of them bomb your brain with hundreds of historical or architectural details. WE ARE DIFFERENT !!!
We want to show you highlights of Gdansk:

  • town, where Polish, German, Dutch, English, Jewish and Scottish people used to live together
  • town, where nationality or religion meant nothing facing the economic success and local pride
  • town that was one of Poland's most war-ravaged cities
  • town, which was born once again and faithfully and painstakingly rebuilt according to old plans and drawings
  • town that became the birth-place of Solidarity and Lech Walesa - the future President of Poland

There are two of us - Donna and Andrew - HAPPY POLISH COUPLE. Donna will be your guide and Andrew will drive you through. If we are booked, you will be guided by our staff - professional guides carefully selected by us. We have been doing our job for years and we perfectly know what to do to make your days in Poland !!!

We can promise that whether it is a visit to the Town Hall or a chat over a nice cup of coffee at the promenade, you will NEVER get bored.


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